Uganda’s National currency is the Uganda Shilling. But other International currencies are widely accepted and exchanged like the US Dollars, British pound and Euros. ATMs are all around Uganda and Accept Visa Cards recognized internationally. Endeavour to carry US dollar notes printed from 2006 and also credit cards are acceptable in major hotels and lodges with up to 10% surcharge added. But we advise to move with cash for some major payments, reserve some good dollars for some transactions like visa.

Uganda can best be visited in dry seasons for game viewing that is November to March and June to September. Though in Uganda it shines everyday throughout the year even after rain. Gorilla permits can easily be obtained in rainy seasons. And the temperatures are between 23 to 27 degrees celicius but it’s always cold in Area of Lake Bunyonyi, Kidepo Valley National park, Mount Rwenzori and often times at night.

You are required to do a number of vaccinations and present a certificate on entry of Yellow Fever, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A are recommended. Bring mosquito repellants with you since mosquitos are everywhere in Africa.

Uganda’s National language is English but we also have guides well conversant with German, French and Swahili. Uganda has diverse culture therefore different people speak different languages but at least the biggest percentage can speak English.

You are advised to carry a rechargeable lamp and power bank since power cuts are common in Uganda but generators are available in different lodges and solar power supply. Also advised to carry a 3 pin adapter (British).

Endeavor to consult your doctor on health travel advice before travelling

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