Tanzania being a large sized country, its temperatures vary to location between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day. And a little bit cool between July and September. Tanzania has two rainy seasons too from March to June and in November. The coastal areas are always hot and humid and the Northern areas are always cold around Mount Kilimanjaro.

National Parks can best be visited during dry seasons but you can still visit Tanzania all year through. For the Great Wildebeest immigration can be viewed in March around the central and western Serengeti, July to October in the North of Serengeti and November to February in the southern Side of Serengeti.

The Kilimanjaro hiking and Beach experiences are best in dry seasons of July, October December to March. Always avoid the Rainy seasons.

Single entry visa to Tanzania cost US dollars 50 per person, available at any border entry, embassies and high commissions of Tanzania. The East African Visa doesn’t work in Tanzania since it’s not yet part of the East African community.

You are advised to carry a rechargeable lamp and power bank since power cuts are common in Tanzania. Also advised to carry a 3 pin adapter (British).

Languages mostly spoken in Tanzania is Swahili and English among others.

You will need a yellow fever and Covid 19 certificate to enter Tanzania. Also carry some anti Mosquito repellents since malaria can be a threat too in Africa.

Tanzania’s National currency is the Tanzania Shillings (TShs). But other International currencies are widely accepted and exchanged like the US Dollars, British pound and Euros. ATMs are all around Tanzania and Accept Visa Cards recognized internationally. Endeavor to carry US dollar notes printed from 2006 and also credit cards are acceptable in major hotels and lodges with up to 10% surcharge added.

Always consult your doctor for more health advice before travelling.

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