Rwanda lies in the tropics below the equator though its temperatures vary they are still favorable all around the year. With an average of 25 degrees celicius day and lower at night. Rainy Seasons are experienced between March and June slightly in October and November.

Major foreign currencies like Euros, US dollars, British Pound are accepted both for exchange and payments on top of the native currency Rwandan Franc. A number of banks all around Rwanda, ATMs and other facilities like hotels can be accessed accepting credit cards. And US dollar bills printed from 2006 are highly emphasized for the travelers’ wallet since older notes may be refused.

A yellow fever and Covid 19 certificate is required for entry. Always inquire from your doctor for advice before you travel.

For your communication means and gadgets, You are advised to move with appliances that support your communication gadgets like power bank and torch since power black outs are common in some parts of Rwanda also with a European 2 pin Adaptors.

Language spoken in Rwanda are the native Kinyarwanda, French and English but we have guides who speak other languages commonly spoken like German.

You can visit Rwanda throughout the year but July and August are Peak Seasons for Gorilla tracking therefore booking tickets earlier is advisable.


Rwandan Visas are applied for online via the Rwandan Immigration Website at least two weeks before your arrival. You will required to present a copy of the approved application on entry where then the visa will be issued and paid for. Citizens from Germany, USA, England, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Israel and Australia can obtain visas without prior online application but pay upon arrival.

Single entry visas cost US dollars 50 per person.

If you want to combine other East African countries, you can request for East       African Visa. It costs 100 US dollars per person with 90 days multiple entry to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya except Tanzania which is not yet a member of the East African Community therefore the arrangements are not yet applicable

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