If you’re looking for a new, adventurous activity to try out this year, then look no further than the awesome awaiting adventure river trips in Uganda. There are three different types of rafting adventures that you can choose from: white water rafting on Lake Victoria and the Nile River, kayaking expeditions on Lake Albert or hot air balloon safaris over Africa’s most beautiful landscapes.

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Jinja White Water Rafting

The main route has 9 main rapids, four of which are grade 5. The rapids become stronger and quicker as you go downstream. In-between the rapids are calm waters and islands were participants can relax, swim, take lunch or marvel at the beautiful scenery. A day of whitewater rafting can cover a distance of up to 26 kilometers. Expect to encounter locals fishing and drying their clothes by the riverside. The river in Jinja is a birders paradise with over 100 species. Keen observers might even spot vervet monkeys swinging on top of trees along the river bank.

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