Bird Watching
Uganda has over 1066 bird species
Including the Shoebills and the Turacos.
Come Explore the amazing gift of nature
Game Drives
Encouter Africa’s wild life from
the plains of Tsavo, Serengeti
to the Savannah plateau of Kidepo
Cultural Tours
We will take you to the door steps
of the Masai, Karimojong, Sukuma
Chagga, Bokora and many other
Meet the big Five
Enjoy an all in one trip that
will show you the African big five
in a fun packed safari
Gorilla Tracking
Uganda has the highest population
of Mountain Gorillas plus numerous
other primate species. We plan
your tracking experience from
Gorilla permits to trekking
Hiking Adventures
Kilimanjaro has the highest peak in Africa
but that is not all the Rwenzori and Elgon
will give you a life challenging adventure
Wildlife Safaris
From the Serengeti in tanzania to the Tsavo in Kenya through
Kidepo and Murchison in Uganda, African Savannah parks
give the best and memorable game viewing with over
350 species of mammals and 1000 birds.
Boat Cruises
East a frica is blessed with dozens of dazzling water falls.
We at Q safaris want to share the experience with you. We will
take you to some of the world’s wonder falls around east Africa
and we promise you will live to tell a story
Corporate Safaris
After a long period of hard work, hope onto a safari to refresh your
minds and the entire team with amazing team building activities
and leisure
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Welcome to Q Safaris Africa, the ultimate leader in providing quality safari services within East Africa at Pocket friendly rates. No matter what trip you are planning, from corporate tours, honey moons to leisure and research tour in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic republic of Congo. We got you covered. Right from Airport pickups, to accomodation, Gorilla permits, park drives and experienced tour guides, we got your back

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

We are committed to giving all our clients memorable experiences that will never fade in their memories. The better your memories, the greater is our pride. To achieve this we have set out a set of objective in our business



To provide a sky-high standard of services suitable for individuals seeking relaxation, comfortable and memorable experience in their trips.

o Promoting professionalism among our staff to be able to provide
exceptional African Safari Packages to clients from all around the world.

o Supporting environmental, cultural and wildlife conservation for the next generation and our future guests.

o Utilizing technology to better our services, enhance communication, guest flow and transactions.

o Developing a system of information about tourism destinations, facilities and travel news for both online and information centers.




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How to Reach Q Safaris Africa

We are conveniently located in Ntinda Shopping mall which is just a 30 minutes drives from Kampala city center.

On a boda boda, (Bike Taxi) it will only take you less than 15 minutes to get to Ntinda.

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